Ansys Granta MI

Granta MI is a system for managing and democratizing materials data. Capture your inhouse data, maintain the traceability, and make the data available to the users that need it. Combine your in-house materials data together with reference data from Ansys Granta and build an inhouse central source of truth for the whole organization that improves collaboration and engineering efficiency.

Material Data Management Solution

Materials data plays a crucial role in various departments within an organization, including product design, simulation accuracy, eco design, material selection, procurement, and product compliance. A centralized database for all material-related data enhances collaboration by capturing and providing accessible materials data to users.

Granta MI is a tool that captures and delivers materials data, simplifying complex searches and facilitating data extraction into Excel, CAD, or CAE software. With add-ons for CAD and CAE tools, users can access the central source of truth directly within their preferred software.

Granta MI allows storage of both design and raw data, ensuring data traceability. It also enables the storage of compliance and sustainability data, facilitating the identification of restricted substances.

Key Features

Manage your company materials knowledge and support business-critical systems.

  • Test data management
  • Boost simulation accuracy
  • Minimize restricted substances risk
  • Comprehensive materials data
  • Integrate with CAD, CAE and PLM
  • Additive manufacturing


Reduce Time Searching for Data


Avoid Duplicating Tests


Increase Engineering Efficiency


Minimize Risk


Empower simulation with accurate data


Improve data flow across siloed teams

Case Study

Implementing Granta MI to drive multi-million-dollar savings through enterprise-wide materials information management at Rolls-Royce

Having fast, reliable access to all relevant materials information is important for Rolls-Royce engineers who need accurate and statistically valid property data as they seek to push materials to their limits in a highly regulated, safety-conscious environment.

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Jakob Skotte Wied

Application Engineer

I have been in EDRmedeso since 2021 and I am focusing on the Ansys Granta and Ansys Minerva technologies. My work covers supporting the presales process from the technical side, helping customers with software issues, training customers in software usage, and helping customers implement our data management solutions and tailoring it to their needs.

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Ansys Granta MI enables us to keep track of a “more-than-1.5-million-piece puzzle” by storing literally any material-related information we have. From generic supplier information down to our own measurement’s single data points: Everything’s easily accessible, interconnected and analyzable

— Daniel Carmine Manocchio / Manager Material Technology , Kärcher